photo by We Are Social is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

  1. Pour fuel into a glass bottle until it’s about three quarters full
  2. Insert cloth far enough to dip into the fuel, that’s your wick
  3. Let about finger’s worth of wick protrude from the bottle
  4. Make sure the seal is tight by stuffing in more cloth
  5. Tape neck to hold cloth in place
  6. Briefly upturn the bottle so that the cloth is wet with fuel, and then turn it back upright
  7. Light and throw

just had a wild moment where in my head i declared the erosion of the concept of “prototyping languages” as hedonistic and reflective of the hubris of the early millennium

after shouting “react sure seems fun TO WRITE” at a codebase

The default application created when you start a New Multiplatform App project with Xcode is one the all time greatest pieces of art.

When you first run it, you see this:

An application with a sidebar, a plus icon and a preview pane with the text "Select an item"
Select an item

It invites me to Select an item, but there are no items. What now?

Ay, I’ll press that βž•.

Same view as before, with a new date time entry in the sidebar
An item!

Fantastic! An item! I look forward to selecting it.

The same view with the item selected in the sidebar. The preview pane now shows "Item at 23/06/22 10:44:59"
There it is

Ay, there it is

My item

The same view with many more entries in the sidebar.

I can have as many items as I like.

During setup I selected Core Data and CloudKit, so my items are synced across all my devices and are available wherever I need them.

This is the perfect application. Any time I have an idea, or see an article I’d like to read later, I will create an item representing it in my Application.