• sorry I’m late babes ive been at a party since 11p.m. Saturday night
  • i’m still at the party, sleeping under a desk
  • it’s funny, my week was intense and I was insane but I couldn’t be further from it now all opened up under the skylines of Enfield
  • it’s so hard to express, I wish I could, how beautiful these people are
  • honestly nobody fucks with me more whole-heartedly than Pix
  • last night, dear d, shirt off, arms outstretched “we need to open a uni”; iconic
  • sometimes when I can’t sleep I count to a thousand
    • I never make it there
    • tried to nap around 9a.m. and made it to a thousand
    • didn’t know what to do, never expected to make it to 1000
    • so I got back up
    • crawled under a table, counted to 1000, returned to the rave
  • a lovely man gave me a banana when I had anxiety in the hall way
  • tried to leave for snacks and found myself working in a temporary capacity for a small businesswoman
  • I’m going to a festival in Mexico in April to see ma gurl Snow
  • did I mention the poster? I got a snow poster
  • it says “much ❤️ from ya girl” which is great news that she’s my girl
  • anyway yeah I’m going to pal norte. flights booked baby
  • thames water effed up and my account is so in credit I don’t think I’ll pay for water a long as I live here
  • wish me luck sleeping, 1..2…3…

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